Changes in the New Year


Happy New Year! Like all years, 2015 saw lots of growth and change. I received my Master’s in English and Creative Writing, I moved, I became and atheist and a vegan, and lots more. 

2016, baby!
2016, baby!

As I plan to focus even more on my writing this year, I have decided to consolidate my blogs into one. I will still be writing about the same things, but all on one site.

If you would, please visit for all my latest musings. Feel free to drop me a line and let me know who you are as well.

Here’s to love and growth and passion in 2016!

Peace and love,

Raven Burnes


Love Me Some Avocados

I am on week 2 of my new veggie-loving lifestyle. The original impetus was to heal fibroids. I was diagnosed this year, but the advice I have received from doctors has been, we’ll say, less than impressive. Their attitude has been, basically, “Deal with it. You’re gettin’ old. Take a bunch of ibuprofen. Shut up.”

Little do they know, I am not one to simply acquiesce to negative circumstances. That is not what real women do. Real women get up every day and do their very best to live the best lives they can, and to improve the lives of the people around them. When faced with difficulties, real women do not shrug, hang their heads, and say “Yes master.” Hell no. Not until we have tried everything do we give up – and I have not tried everything!

Fast forward to the present day. I am surprised by how easy it has been to drop meat, sugar, and refined products from my diet. I am actually blown away. I tried vegetarianism two different times in my life. So I was a little afraid to try it again. The difference this time, though, has been the fact that I am actually including vegetables in my vegetarian diet.

Before, I simply avoided meat. I was constantly hungry and gained weight. This time I start the day with a homemade smoothie that, despite having few calories, keeps me full for hours. I am also adding vegetables to dishes like whole wheat pasta. This also keeps me full for hours. I don’t get it. I thought eating meat was the only way to feel truly satisfied. Where have vegetables been all my life???

avocado tofu dip

This leads me to the lusciousness of the avocado. Yes, they are a bit calorific and fattening when eaten in excess. However, if you’ve never eaten a quinoa “burger” on sprouted grain bread with a homemade spread consisting of avocados, tofu, and onions, then you have not properly lived your life. You just haven’t. It. tastes. so. good. Mayonnaise can go jump off the pier.

The coolest thing about my little avocado mayo spread thing is that I did not find the recipe in a book or online or anywhere, I just made it up. I dumped a couple of avocados in a bowl, snatched open my fridge and saw that I had half a loaf of tofu I needed to use, mashed those two ingredients together then stirred in some chopped onions for pizzazz.  Lo and behold I had myself a dip/spread that was sexy and yummy.

So if you’ve ever been on the fence about trying vegetarianism, give it a shot. Surprise yourself. If you’re like me and are too lazy to make elaborate recipes – don’t. Just play. Throw things together. Work with what you already like. Have fun. And visualize that beautiful, healthy you that you’re creating.

Bon appetit!